High strength steel for constructions | Technisch Weekblad

High strength steel for constructions

van 4 november 2020 tot 5 november 2020

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The aim of the course is to learn to deal with higher strength steels, tackling the main aspects of production and fabrication processes, design and execution.

Deal with higher strength steels

- The knowledge of the material properties and welding technologies of high-strength steels will be gained focusing on practical examples.

- Benefits of high strength steels in structural applications, based on recently finished research and engineering projects, will be presented.

- You will learn the main aspects of the design and construction of higher-strength steels in buildings, bridges and towers for wind turbines.

- You will receive the latest information from welded and bolted connections based on research results and existing design standards.

Intended for

- Designers and fabricators of steel structures in various applications in buildings, bridges, cranes, supporting structures for wind energy technologies and offshore structures.

- Project managers and consultants from engineering companies.

- Teachers at MBO, HBO and universities.

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