Thorium molten salt reactors

Paardenmarkt 1C - Buccaneer Delft
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Two unique research projects that are working with thorium and molten salts, for the first time in 50 years! This event is open for anyone interested in thorium, both experts and newly interested. Live demonstration on site.


  • 13:30h – 14:00h Welcome
  • 14.00h – 14.30h ‘Thorium for newbies’ – Theo Wolters
  • 14:40h – 15:00h Challenges in MSR development – Sander de Groot (NRG)
  • 15.00h – 15.20h The Salient irradiation program – Ralph Hania (NRG)
  • 15.50h – 16.10h Thorium MSR in the Netherlands – Gijs Zwartsenberg (Thorium MSR Fdn)
  • 16.10h – 16.30h LIBS measuring and MSR – Thomas Steenbergen (Copenhagen Atomics)
  • 16.30h – 16.50h The Molten Salt Experimental Loop – Thomas Jam Peterson (CA)
  • 16:50h – 17:15h Demonstration of molten salt test loop – Thomas Jam Peterson (CA)

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